Sell electronic & Crypto currency

The process of selling and exchanging Crypto | e-Currency with another e-Currency with us is a 3-step process. 

Begin by: 

Registering your username, name & email only then confirm the email sent to you from us this will enable you view your transaction details thereafter. Click here to create account

  • If you have registered with us, login  choose the type of service you wish to perform. E.g. Tsell bitcoin for cash bank payment select YOU SEND bitcoin then choose YOU RECEIVE bank transfer type the amount you wish to sell. e.g. (Bank Transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union the case may be) then select currency type at YOU RECEIVE) proceed by clicking exchange then complete other fields on the form. Note: Bitcoin sales to us will be processed after 3-6 confirmation from the bitcoin network and rate will be re-calculated based on amount and values as of time of confirmations while Perfect Money will process instantly.
  • Note: Exchange between bitcoin, perfect money & all digital currency to banks will be processed the same day and will reflect at your end to any Country around the globe.
  • On our website we have two fiat currency, we can process transactions to other nationalities. Kindly place your orders it will be processed and will be funded with the currency type of your bank account. If your account is not a USD none ZAR the equivalent in your local currency will be credited.
  • To see your exchange orders and processes you may choose to log in to your account on your dashboard area, click Tracking insert your exchange ID and search
  • We can handle any form of exchange. If our exchange reserve does not meet your desires, relate with us, and we will make special arrangements for you. Our minimum rates often change, and it is not permanent. If our payment gateway refuses your exchange due to low exchange please contact us for manual processing.