Payment & Confirmation

We accept below payment methods: 1. Bank Wires/Transfers, 2. Payment processors, 3. Money transfer agents payment processors such as moneybooker, wise, homesend, mukuru, transfast, remitly, sendwave, thunes etc.

1a. When making bank transfer from your bank include only your exchange ID from your exchange order for bank reference|memo, so we can identify payment quickly. An example of an exchange ID: a3b7bc8. This is a unique combination of words and digits. This is a tracking number given to you when you placed orders with us. Note: Payment made from other banks locally other than ours takes 2 to 3 business days to be received. If you wish to send funds from other banks and wish to receive your exchange fast enough, kindly make do with instant payment, also called pay & clear. We will only process orders once funds reflect on our side. When making a direct EFT bank transfer or ATM to us, enable payment confirmation notification to be sent directly from the bank to our email address: Your registered name on our platform must be the same with your payment proof. If not, your deposit could be delayed and rejected. If you are paying from a business or family & friends account please provide a proof of business ownership and for a third party both of you will have to provide a photo of you holding your ID copies next to your faces, beside the computer screen showing the exchange order in question.

b. ATM cash deposits: We accept ATM deposits, and we do not accept cash deposits via professional teller to avoid excess cash deposits fees, we do prefer bank transfer EFT, ATM (client who made payment otherwise will incur charges).Always use your personal exchange ID reference number in order for your deposit to be allocated automatically. Please do not contact us if you used the correct reference number, your orders will be credited once funds have cleared in our bank account. Note: Bank fraud monitoring done by the banks may delay your deposit.

2. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) & Card payment via our reliable payment processors (processing time varies depending on when payment processor & merchant bank verifies and approves your payments)

a. Ozowis a leading secure payment gateway. This is an automated electronic funds transfers payment processor that allows buyers to make electronic funds transferred inter-bank directly into a seller. Any amount above $350 worth of exchange via Ozow would require us to know you.

3. We accept money transfer agents (third-party payment processors) such as Wise, Western Union, Xoom, WorldRemit, Venmo etc Note: funds must be sent using your own account with them, and it must match your profile with us.

No payment confirmation needed when exchanging, selling crypto to us, electronic & digital currencies. We also do not need confirmation when sending gifts of funds to partners, family and friends, b2b, p2p locally or overseas. 

If you need support in ordering or information about our services, offers terms and conditions please contact us