Buy Electronic & Crypto Currency

Buy Crypto & e-Currency from us at affordable prices and enjoy instantaneous transactions. Our services are usually completed within a few minutes of confirming payment. 
You can proceed to purchase your desired services; 

  • If you have not registered with us, click the 'Create Account' link on the top-right-hand corner to register. All you need to register is an email address.
  • If you have registered with us, login and select YOU SEND, for example if your method of payment to us is bank transfers choose bank transfer then at YOU RECEIVE chose what type of service you want in return from us (Perfect Money, Bitcoin etc...) type your desire amount at YOU SEND our reserve and exchange rates will display automatically then click exchange to complete other fields on the form.
  • To make payment using Sid choose Ozow. We accept Mastercard, visa, union pay, Amex etc. If you are in South Africa you can also choose to make instant EFT (Sid) by selecting Ozow, or bank transfers from the list. If you do not have online banking you can make a direct bank transfer or cash ATM deposits by selecting bank transfer and quote your exchange ID from our website on your bank reference  this will enable us to identify your transfers.
  • We accept Mukuru, Wise, Sendwave, WorldRemit etc
  • And other nationality can choose bank transfers as wire as the case maybe.