What is Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a financial service provider allowing its users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.

It was created as an electronic payment system for non-cash payments on the Internet and was established in 2004 then came online 2007 on a legal basis.



What can you do with Perfect money?

  1. Transfer money overseas securely;
  2. Transfer money between users;
  3. Receiving payments on your website; via bank wires, credit card, bitcoin & gold;
  4. Payment for goods and services on the Internet;
  5. Issuing and receiving loans within the system; up to $879m;
  6. Receiving additional income from referrals commissions participating program;
  7. Monthly accumulated Interest from your available capitals and this will be added to your balance every single Month;
  8.  Local & international sms to mobiles;
  9. Fixed deposits programs
  10. Purchasing of bitcoin, gold, usd and euro.


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Some Countries such as Spain, Russian Federation, China, Germany, Ukraine and few Asia Countries can make withdrawal directly from perfect money to their bank account without stress while other nationality can’t and this is one of the ‘disadvantages’ of Perfect Money you can’t withdraw Perfect money to your bank directly on its website, you have to do it through its exchangers on the website. Perfect Money builds its business on partnership and highly values each and every Business Partner. But you have got nothing to worry about. Perfect Money got more reliable partners all over the World.

Note: Some exchangers can also conduct transactions to other nationalities. You don’t have to get stuck with any particular providers. I’m going to discuss a few reasons why you should use pm.


  1. Perfect Money is secure and can’t be traced unlike bitcoins and many others.
  2.  Your assets won’t fall due to market volatility
  3. You get an interest rate Monthly from your available funds and this will be added to your balance.
  4. 247 customer support
  5. Easy to use, such as deposits, exchange & withdraws.
  6. Can be easily integrated on any business websites without commissions
  7. Can be used by individuals and business personnel and so on


Click here to find Perfect Money Certified Partners around your city.


Rand4dollar is an accredited partner of Perfect money. You can buy, withdraw, exchange and Sell Perfect Money for the lowest price, quite easy, safe and fast. If you have Perfect Money PM and want to exchange it to your local currencies or also in USD, EUR such as bank wires, western union or any other means then sell it to Rand4Dollar.  


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How to Exchange Perfect Money

  1. Create an account
  2. Chose YOU SEND (perfect money) and YOU RECEIVE (bank transfer or western union etc.)
  3. Type the amount
  4. Key in your bank details
  5. Then proceed with payment.


If you want to exchange PM with USD or EUR rates will be displayed. The fee is 1% only. Which means $100 = PM99. Rand4Dollar is a reliable platform to buy, sell all kinds of e-currencies, including Perfect Money, Payza, Advcash, Payeer, and Paypal. You can as well exchange between cryptocurrency and e-currency or conduct money remittance services.

Go to its official website www.rand4dollar.com to know more.

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