The Word Captured Souls

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s ~ 1 Corinthians 6:20; King James Version

Many high-flying men and women who are supposed to be successful are not because of the careless sex they had in their youthful days which is still fighting them today.

Your present-day backwardness may be the result of a careless sex you had many years ago. What you think was casual was a valid transaction in the camp of the enemy.

Judah in the bible slept with his daughter-in-law. That chain of sexual sin went to his generation until it reached David. The sexual sin of David set in motion lots of terrible things. His child died, and war never departed from his family. His children were sleeping with his wife. This is the implication for sexual sins.


See Genesis 38:16, 1 Kings 11 and 1 Corn 6:20

  1. Click here to read Genesis 38:16
  2. Click here to read 1 Kings 11
  3. Click here to read 1 Cor 6:20

Deposit of Darkness

There are some sisters who need to place their hands on their wombs and pray that God should bring out any deposit the enemy has put in the womb to derail their destiny. You need to pray that anybody who has married you in the spirit because of your carelessness in the area of sex should release you. You need to pray that God should set you free from the mortgage you did on your destiny because of sex.

There are sisters who were virgins but they watched terrible films and got into serious bondage. When you sleep with a prostitute, definitely you will become one with a prostitute. That is what the Bible says. If a person has slept with twenty people then he has segmented himself into twenty different places. He has collected a minimum of twenty demons. If that kind of person dis-virgins you what he has done is to gather the twenty demons and pump them into you. You will start your own problem from there.

I prayed for a brother who came for deliverance after falling into sin. He slept with a lady and right there where he was having sex, he found out that the lady was chatting with an invincible personality. All of a sudden, the lady’s face changed to that of an old woman and she said, you are sleeping with Lucifer’s wife. Instead of standing up, he continued until he was through and satisfied. By the time they brought him to the church, one leg was normal and the other leg was like one-third of the other leg. He could not walk properly again. He had been captured.

NB: You may be prospering after sexual immorality but a time shall come when your maker, your supporter the devil will come for you and then call you back home before your time.


Way Out

  1. Genuine repentance is required not counterfeit repentance.
  2. Learn to say NO to evil; when your body is asking for sex and you are not married say a big NO, command your body to be at peace.
  3. Refuse to go into evil gatherings where your angel of protection won’t go with you.
  4. Learn how to handle temptation; Pray and fast every 2 days a week; learn to live a life of fasting

If you find yourself in this kindly repent from your old ways and ask God for mercy then pray the below prayers aggressively.

Prayer Points:

  1. Place your right hand on your womb and pray that God should bring out any deposit the enemy has put in the womb to derail your destiny.
  2. Shout this prayer loud, Deposit of darkness in my blood, flush away!
  3. Evil blood in my vein, hear the word of thy Lord! Neutralized 3x hot times
  4. Anything I have lost because of careless sex oh God restore it back to me
  5. Sexual Bewitchment over my life-sized operation
  6. Soul tie spirit, soul tie powers, soul tie partners from my x hear the word of thy lord depart!
  7. My star, my glory, my destiny gather back to my head In the name of Jesus.
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