Steer clear of deceptive investment scams.

In most cases, if something appears excessively promising, it tends to be deceptive.

Fraudsters are increasingly engaging in fraudulent activities on social media platforms, aiming to deceive individuals into participating in Ponzi or pyramid schemes as well as crypto scams. They offer attractive returns, such as doubling your investment within a brief period. While some may provide initial returns to lure you into investing more, they eventually cease payments. In contrast, others vanish immediately after receiving your funds.


Here’s what to look out for:

  • Promises of very high returns in a very short time. For example, doubling or tripling your money in hours or a few days
  • The promoter’s social media profile shows exotic overseas travel destinations, expensive cars and designer clothes
  • Urgency to invest: scammers do this to limit the amount of time you may spend researching and thinking about the investment
  • Anything sold as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”
  • Promises of big rewards if you recruit new investors
  • Professional-looking investment websites or crypto exchanges with little to no information about the company
  • If it is difficult to understand how the investment will make returns
  • The promoter offers to help you with your first few trades and claims to have insider knowledge of the market

How to avoid investment and cryptocurrency scams:  

  • Don’t send money to anyone who contacts you on social media asking you to invest
  • Do your research and stick with what you understand
  • Check if the investment platform is licenced with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  • Avoid sharing personal information until you verify that the investment is legitimate
  • If promoters of start-up investments (venture capitalists) promise big returns without making it clear that there are significant risks, you should avoid them at all costs


If you have been entrusted by your partners and have been given their accounts to be used for such purposes, please be aware that all funds will be transferred to the account holder. As an exchanger, we do not have the means to identify account holders. Therefore, if you decide to buy perfect money, bitcoin, or any electronic currency from any platform, neither our company nor any other company will be able to retrieve your losses. It is important to note that once electronic and cryptocurrencies are sent, they cannot be recovered.


In conclusion, It is essential to understand that we do not provide investment services; our sole function is to exchange one currency for another.


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