Standard bank South Africa Payment Error Code 2009 received from VBHost.

Have you ever tried making payments from your Standard bank, South Africa personal or business account and received an error code 2009?

Error Code 2009 received from VBHost

The transaction you have requested cannot be performed from the account you have selected. Please contact your branch.

The meaning of Error Code 2009 received from VBHost apparently, there is a hold on your account and probably a ‘fraud’ case from your last few payments received so the bank blocked the account pending its resolution.

All you have got to do is to contact the bank fraud department on 0800222050 or 0102490015 as a standard bank would never contact you regarding the matter from our experience. In our case it took 2 weeks to reach the bank without a fellow up and yet the bank did not make an attempt to reach us after several weeks, this really affected the business. We had had such issues also with fnb but they also never got hold of you but when you tried reaching them they contacted you back the same day or next and fellowup.

Understanding when a false report is made or receiving money from a stolen source may lead to freezing bank accounts for the duration of criminal investigation.
At times some evil users could simply report your account if you don’t dance to their tune. In Our case a client made payment worth 58,000 and we requested for an id and he refused and boasted to freeze our account and a few seconds later he did, till date our account is still frozen without a single call from the bank. I was hoping the bank should place hold on the reported funds and not totally on the business.


We have tried to mitigate the risk by checking that the buyer id matches the sender bank account name to avoid future loss.

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