How to Withdraw from Paypal 180 days Using Xoom

PayPal can limit your account without notice. Always read the terms and conditions of any service you are using online.
2015 when my paypal account was permanently closed because the funds sender indicated funds were for bitcoin and instantly it got limited and thereafter it was closed and ever since then i don’t have access to paypal.
I later got to know the reason my account was closed is because crypto is a risky asset and they don’t play nice with crypto currency. This is because paypal digitizes money, in contrast, cryptocurrency like bitcoin is real digital money.

However, in 2020 paypal became more interested in bitcoin and now you can buy bitcoin within your paypal account. The Bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge and where there is no vision people suffer. It is so good when you have eyes to see and not only to look. It’s a small World and the covid has shown us we all should be humble no matter your experience and rank in life. 

Now let’s break it down, initially the only way to withdraw a limited account after 180 days is to add a physical major US bank account not online US Banks right now you can transfer your funds using xoom without stress.

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What is Xoom? also Xoom Corporation,is a paypal service is an electronic funds remittance provider that allows consumers to send money, pay bills and reload mobile phones from the United States and Canada to 131 countries.

To use Xoom with your 180 days kindly

Visit Xoom website & Login, you don’t have to use vpn, proxy etc…


then login with your PayPal details then click transfer now choose the Country you wish to send your funds to and that is it!

I am going to select US, you can choose whatever location you wish.


The last stage you will asked to state the reasons for your transfers, for me i choose other.

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