How to Signup and Exchange Perfect Money

How can I signup and exchange Perfect Money to fiat, electronic & digital currency?

Today we are going to look at how to exchange perfect money to fiat, to digital currencies and to electronic money.

What is Perfect money?

Perfect Money is an electronic currency and a financial service provider allowing anyone to make instant payments from person to person or from business to business and also to make money transfers securely without stress.


Why Should I Use Perfect Money


  1. No kyc verification needed to sign up.
  2. Perfect Money is secure, does not fluctuate and prices are stable.
  3. 247 customer support.
  4. You get an interest rate Monthly from your available capital.
  5. Easy to use, such as deposits, exchange & withdraws.
  6. Can be easily integrated on any business websites without commissions.
  7. Can be used by individuals and business personnel and so on.
  8. Business owners can integrate perfect money payment gateway on their website and get paid automatically without issue.


To sign-up go to Perfect Money Website

  • Click signup and create an account
  • Choose your account type; personal or business.
  • Key in your details.
  • Once your are done, then you are ready to fund your euro, gold, bitcoin or USD accounts.



To Fund Your Account

To fund a US account simply copy US account starting with the U alphabet and some digits for example:  U1234567.

Then visit a certified perfect money exchanger and buy perfect money in South Africa.

There are lots of perfect money exchangers in South Africa and around the World. Rand4dollar is one of them and has physical offices, not only online services.

To fund a euro account, copy the E number

To fund a gold account, copy the G number

To fund a bitcoin account, click on the B number and generate your bitcoin address.

You can add additional accounts from the list

This is the same procedure to fund bitcoin and gold accounts respectively. Note you can buy, sell and exchange perfect money in South Africa. We offer services Worldwide.



How to Exchange Perfect Money

  • You can exchange PayPal for Perfect Money with us and also you can buy Perfect Money with PayPal and any other electronic and digital currencies.
    Visit our website at then
  • Choose YOU SEND (Perfect Money) and YOU RECEIVE (Bank transfer or western union, bitcoin, Ltc, PayPal etc.)
  • Type the amount
  • Key in your receiving account details
  • Then proceed with payment.



 Withdrawing From Your Account


  1. Login to your account
  2. Click withdraw at the top
  3. Choose the withdrawal direction, this could be by method of bitcoin or perfect money exchange certified partners.
  4. Perfect Money would display the best partner closest to you.
  5. Key in the amount
  6. Go through your payout details one last time and submit.



To see the progress of your withdrawals simply click -> order history you will see pending, completed or cancelled orders.



We hope you enjoy your exchange and have a great day!



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  1. Je veux échanger de l’argent PayPal contre du perfect monnaie

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