How to Sell, Exchange Bitcoin to Bank wire.

Below topic will help you exchange bitcoin to cash with

With this method you can be anywhere in the World and your bank account could be in USD or any. If its in USD you will receive USD if not you will receive your local currencies.

To do this you have to start by registering an account with us. It’s fast and simple and only needs a username and email address.

Now let’s sell bitcoin for cash in the form of bank deposits

Select YOU SEND Bitcoin and YOU RECEIVE  Bank Transfersell bitcoin receive bank wire rand4dollar

Type your desired amount as you send bitcoin then your reception rates will automatically be display. 

sell bitcoin at rand4dollar and receive cash

Proceed by clicking exchange

Type your bank account details correctly then proceed

Right here you have to make sure you paid for the transfers by using the display bitcoin address then after 3 confirmation from the network your transfer will begin

Transfer to bank will be processed within 30mins to an hour or 24hour anywhere in the World.

To track your transactions visit your personal dashboard or still use your exchange ID.

The same method applies to other digital & electronic currencies you might want to sell, buy or exchange.

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