How to Fix Cpanel error Your Ip address has changed. Please log in again


If you are getting errors like the one above when trying to access cPanel you most likely are using an Internet service provider which is providing you with a dynamic IP address that frequently changes your IP address every hour or seconds.

If you tried to access cPanel via mobile internet you might luckily access your cPanel without issue (NOTE: The cPanel error you see is a default security from cPanel, which prevents your account from being hijacked.)


How to fix the error if you need to access cPanel urgently

  •  Download Cloudflare Warp and connect
  • After connecting you would be able to login to Cpanel without issue as cloudflare provide static ip


To fix the error without using Cloudflare?

  • If you have a mobile connection like LTE you can also try and set your APN to unrestricted as per this article.
  • In order to go around this issue, without asking your ISP to give you a static IP or without going through VPN/Proxy, please use the following alternative links for your cPanel, and Webmail:
  • cPanel access – https://server_name:2083/ – where you need to replace server_name with the name of the server on which your account has been activated
  • Webmail – https://server_name:2096/ – where you need to replace server_name with the name of the server on which your account has been activated

Other things to check which might be causing this error:

  • The date on your computer is set incorrectly or in the future causing the session to expire
  • Having a software/plugin/setting that blocks third party cookies aggressively (things like anti-virus software)
  • Your browser is not set to accept cookies (browser settings)
  • You have some sort of proxy service/ firewall configured (services like sucuri/ cloudflare services might need to be bypassed.)
  • Your IP is dynamically changing (typically office network set up/ Short IP leases to modem/router)

TIP: If you go through all of the above steps and checks and you are still experiencing issues, please check with your ISP provider and see if they can give you IPs that do not expire so quickly or provide you with a temporary static IP

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