How to Change Date of Birth on Samsung Health app

I got a lot of people asking me that they have a weird problem of not being able to set the correct date for Samsung Health App and also for Watch profile.

You might have below issue:

1. On the App, the birthday is greyed out, which is impossible to edit. What should I do? I hate seeing an age group which is not my own.

Now let’s fix the issue; 
You can use the below method to fix both Samsung Health App and Watch profile.  I am going to use Samsung Health  for example.

The first option:

1. Check for any recent updates from Samsung, run update and restart the phone.


The second option:

1. Visit your Samsung Health App then navigate on profile.


2. At your profile click on your email address, this will take you to Samsung Account Profile .

3. At Samsung Account Profile click on profile again not Samsung Health app

You will see the wrong date of birth, simply change it to your desire date and save

4. After you have edited your dob then YOU MUST restart the phone before the change will take place.


I hope this fixes your profile?

Simple comment below and let us know.

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