FNB Error Code: 99999


Have you ever tried making payments from your FNB, South Africa accounts and received an error code 99999?


Sorry! Your transaction was unsuccessful.

Error code: 99999


Reason: You cannot transact from this card/account as it is inactive or there are insufficient funds available in this account.


Apparently, there is a hold on your account and probably a ‘fraud’ case from your last few payments received. When i said a hold i meant your account is frozen! But not yet closed pending you resolve the matter with the bank.


This issue could be no complaints from the payment received but the bank is not satisfied with the payment and situations surrounding your dealings.

Mostly FNB puts an eye on every single funds received. And they would make up stories to confuse you and your partners.



You might get different versions of the error; it all depends on the platform you have used to carry out the transaction.


On the mobile app you get a different error message and via desktop computer you get the above error.


On the Mobile you would see below error;


This transaction is not permitted on one of the specified accounts for queries call 087 575 0362.





At desktop you will see this;


My major concern with fnb business is that they don’t tend to value small business account holders except those with private wealth or platinum business accounts.

We had the same case on our gold business account and the bank could not advise us on the same very day the report was made and it took one week later when I tried to make a payment that I noticed the account was on hold and I could still receive future payments but not withdraw. Few other payments were successfully paid and on the statement there was no sign of payment but an alert pops in so we had no choice to process customers orders.



Below mail picture sent from the bank





If the allegation were to be true the bank should as well inform the business account holder the same day to stop processing clients orders as this could be a fraud, they allowed you to proceed further and don’t get intouch pending you have to find out yourself and in our case it took 2 weeks and 5 days before we noticed the account got issue and had to call the bank. This is a serious matter.



In our case, we got paid and orders were successfully processed but fnb claimed a report were made concerning the payment but the client who made payment has confirmed not reporting whatsoever and i personal went to the client bank to seek advice and the account holder were sermon and nothing of such happened and i am not sure why my bank could do such a thing to me.

We have lost so many customers due to false allegations.


If you find yourself In this similar case you have got to work with your business associate not the bank only, it could be a seller or buyer to find out what the reasons are all about. Don’t lay blame yet and we did lose our valuable clients due to the fnb allegation.

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If truly there were a fraud case report the bank should pass a call or email to the business owner to stop the delivery process but FNB never called to advise us to stop the order process if it was a fraudulent report from the sender and the sender is someone I really know personally. The bank should find a way of dealing with fraud and not playing games.


Do not panic, if you are sure your business has no fraud attached to it. All you have got to do is to visit the bank or call the business banking and tender you matter and a case would be open and this could take up to 6 Months.


Note: The FNB South Africa bank would never ever call you regarding the matter and If you refused to call your funds will be gone forever.


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